Where will your dog be on your wedding day ?

With over 8 million dogs in the UK the decision with what to do with your best (furry) friend on your wedding day is one thing that brides and grooms to be often struggle with after all, your family and friends will be at your big day.  So where will your dog be on your wedding day?

Firstly you can of course take your dog to your wedding, no wedding photo will ever look as cute as your four legged friend all dressed up. There is no doubt it would certainly be a talking point, you could even employee them as your ring bearer. BUT with your dog used to all of your attention how will they feel when your attention is on everything else? I would say for a stress free wedding to keep your dog well away from your big day.

Secondly do you have a friend or neighbour who could look after your dog in your own home this gives your dog a routine without causing them too much stress, although it would need to be a friend or neighbour who you trust enough to look after your dog but you don’t like them enough to invite them to your wedding, see how this could get awkward.

Thirdly there are many trustworthy businesses and people who will look after your dog by taking it out in the morning and afternoon and popping in to feed it whilst you are at your wedding. Most of these should offer a free trial where you and your dog meet the person beforehand, to make sure you are all happy.

Although if you are going away on your honeymoon after your wedding why not consider a Pet and House sitter combined. Companies like TrustedHousesitters who are the world’s largest house and pet sitting website connect home and pet owners who need a sitter, when going away, with trustworthy dog loving people who want to house sit. This way your dog gets looked after in its home environment and you also have someone to look after your house, it is a win win for both you and your dog.

Whatever option you choose we know that a happy dog makes a happy bride and groom.

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